Hiya guys!

Sorry I’ve been slacking with edits lately. I’m gonna try to make some edits and stuff, but school’s got me busy. (And it sucks!)

Anyways, I went to PressPlay NYC today and it was insane.

I met all of SDK/MANNN again and it was a real fun time! <3 (As usual.)

The guys are super amazing and yeah. It ended a little crazy, but SDK or DIE.

Anyways, I took some pictures at the performance and I’ll try to post those on here soon also!

Stay rad, xoxo.

Anonymous: Really? 24?? I didn't expect him to be that old. (Not that that's old, just older than expected) like I thought maybe the same age as Joe (22) or something. Do you know his birthday?

His birthday is on June 26th!

And yup! I know what you mean, haha. Adam gave an age range of all the boys from SDK in one of his asks back in like April, before Ryan turned 24 and he said 18-23.

And just to make sure I got it right, I did more digging LOL. When Ryan was 21, he was featured in a video (and they mentioned he was 21). I just did the math from the date the video was posted because I needed to know for my birthday post for Ryan back in June. :) 

Anonymous: Also, I was wondering how old Ryan is? Do you know? + MANN. Like how old are they? Lol thanks Clarice :)

I’m pretty sure Ryan is 24. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but like I said, I’m pretty sure, lol. 

And Adam, Nolan, and Nick are 21.

No problem, anon. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anonymous: When you met the guys, was Ryan nice?

Short answer: Yes! Ryan was super nice when I met him, both times!

Long answer: The first time I met him was at DigiFest NYC 2013. My friend and I stopped him in the middle of the venue and even though it seemed as if he was busy and had to run to go somewhere, he stopped to take a picture with us regardless.

When I met him the second time, at PressPlay NJ, I was a bit worried I wasn’t going to meet him at first and give him the chocolate covered Oreos I made him because he was running late to the event and came at 2PM, when the concert started. But as luck would have it, after the show, he was walking across the street with Orion and Austin (Nolan’s brother). 

So I gave him the chocolates and when I thanked him for stopping to talk to us and take pictures, he thanked me for stopping and coming up to him and I thought that was super awesome and super sweet of him. ♥ And he thought the Oreos were cool and he asked me if I made them. :)

(And just a little back story: I gave chocolate covered Oreos to SDK + Nolan, Stephen, Josh Chomik, Orion, Chris, and Keith. All the chocolates I gave to the SDK members said SDK OR DIE.)

So yes, Ryan is very nice to his fans and I love him for that and of course, for many other reasons. <3